(e)Gatherings - Coming Jan 2020

You'll be coached and empowered in Family Circles - from your own living room or kitchen table.

Circles vary in complexity, so we'll start with the basics and provide the guidance through each type of Family Circle through a series of (e)Gatherings.  


The Basics

What is  Family Circles?  What can it do for your family?  Who thought of this brilliant idea?     15    minutes



All families have seasons to celebrate!  Grad parties, weddings, birthdays, holidays...there's an opportunity to provide a priceless gift and deeply meaningful memory for all.

60 minutes



Circles can allow for all family members to "check-in" on daily, weekly or monthly matters.  This e(Gathering) shows you the benefit and simplicity of using the circles process regularly with your family.


Conflict or Repairing Harm

A one to one experience with a trained Circle Keeper to offer support through a challenging season.  

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