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Circles are an ancient, yet re-emerging practice within restorative practices.  A sacred space inviting community members to surround a sensitive topic, to learn from one another, to repair harm when someone has been hurt.  Circles are  widely used in schools and corrections facilities - but we integrate circles in child welfare. 


Your work is crazy hard.  We deeply appreciate  what you do for kids and families.

Lead the way with your team to be innovative and thoughtful!  

How can circles be helpful to you?

  • building consensus 

  • celebrating  success or staff transitions

  • debriefing hard situations

  • handling misunderstanding or  conflict across departments

How can circles be helpful across  other agencies?

  • learn  what's working vs. not  with all speaking into next steps

  • spurs collective impact

  • draws out innovation for greater successes  in community for kids and families.

We're adding  bi-monthly 2 - day free seminars  in 2020 just for you.  Attend one or a few.  Whatever is helpful.



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