Your Family Circle Mini-Guide is waiting for you!

Families are THE most critical part of our communities and we offer this guide for FREE.    You are the resident expert on your family circumstances and this easy, downloadable guide  was written with your family in mind.  We start with the basics and build from there. 

Why we wrote it:

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With a blended family, Circles has helped us overcome hard discussions with each family member feeling heard and understood.  My teens have benefited from learning Circles too!

Founder & Executive Director

Lisa J. Welter

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Circles are a way of life. It's universal nature is "how" we connect and relate!

Contributing Author

Adepeju O. Solarin


She's a restorative justice “construction worker” with a passion for building up roads for families and individuals to travel on to move from their often traumatic past to their destined future.

Contributing Author

Lesa Newell

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